Take Eat: How My View of the Eucharist Changed by Tom Cabeen

How Does the Watchtower Organization Differ from the Catholic
Church?  by Tom Cabeen

Losing Love and Finding Freedom: A Review of Out of The Cocoon by
Mary Kochan

The Importance of Being Holy-The Church as the Vessel of the
Christian Sacraments by Carlos Caso-Rosendi

The Watchtower and The Ante-Nicene Fathers by Michael J. Partyka

Is Your Hope Bible-Based? Questions and Reflections For Jehovah's
Witnesses by Dave Brown

Jehovah's Witnesses--Do They Teach What the Bible Really Teaches? A
Critical Evaluation of the Watchtower's Book "What Does the Bible
Really Teach?"-By Dave Brown

Why Do Catholics Honor Mary? by Claude Kenneson

Hiding the Divine Name

No Heavenly Hope for Old Testament Saints?

A Catholic Critique of Jehovah's Witnesses

Socratic Dialog with a Protestant About Sola Scriptura By James Caputo

Jehovah's Witnesses and Just Wars by Jeffery Schwehm

Does the Bible Forbid Calling A  Priest "Father"? By Claude Kenneson

"And The Word Was God" by Jeffery Schwehm

Faithful Catholics Can Be A Powerful Witness to Jehovah's Witnesses
By Jeffery Schwehm

Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses At Your Door by Jeffery Schwehm

Welcome to The Universal (Catholic) Family of God by Jeffery Schwehm

Second Class Citizens of the Watchtower by Jeffery Schwehm

How To Become a Jehovah's Witness by Kenneth Guindon in Envoy

Discussing the Trinity with Jehovah's Witnesses by Jeffery Schwehm

Is Jesus Yahweh? By Dave Brown

1914: True Prophecy or False Prophecy? By Dave Brown

Understanding the Fundamental Doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses
by Jeffery Schwehm
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Articles on the Catholic Faith and the
Jehovah's Witnesses