Many Catholics have asked me how they can be a witness to the Jehovah's Witnesses.  
Well the following is an email that I received recently from two faithful Catholics (Gary
and Marie Gibeau) who decided that they wanted to reach out to the Jehovah's
Witnesses (JWs) who visited their home.  Here is their story:

"A few years back we decided we would be brave the next time the JWs knocked at our
door, and tell them how we loved being Catholic, how the Catholic Church had all the
truth that God revealed, and although we knew JWs were very sincere, they didn't have
the full revelation of God's Word, therefore they couldn't take advantage of all the
avenues of grace Jesus instituted for us in the Gospels, e.g. the 7 Sacraments.

One Saturday morning, a carload of JW's pulled in our driveway.  Gary answered the
door and introduced our six children, while Marie made lemonade.  They stayed and
talked for 2 hours and we had a nice time.  The next Saturday, they came again, with a
few different people in the car, and we were ready with homemade cookies.  Again, great
discussions for  2 to 3 hours.  Every Saturday morning they would visit.  If they all didn't
get out of the car, Gary would sit at the picnic table with the men, and Marie would take
treats out to the women and teenagers in the car, and visit with them.  (Many times the
women didn't get out of the car.)  Our six children played in the yard with any children
they brought along.   

Over the summer, we probably met 12 different JW's, who did their best to convert us.  
They were experts at throwing bible verses at us, but we tried not to get flustered, and
reminded them that the Bible was written by Catholics, for guiding Catholics, and this is
how the Church interprets that verse for 2000 years, and their "new" interpretation is
only 100 yrs. old.   Sometimes it was hard giving up a busy Saturday morning to visit
with them, but God is gracious, and somehow He expanded our hours, and we easily fit
all our weekend projects in, despite our morning of witnessing.  When summer turned to
fall, they stopped coming.  We often prayed for them, and wondered if they ever talked
about us and our beliefs with other JW's.

The following summer two new, unfamiliar lady JW's knocked at our door.   We told
them how much we loved being Catholic, and c'mon in for some refreshments and
fellowship.  Their jaws dropped open, and one lady asked, "Are you the Gibeau's????"   
"Yes,"  we said,  "and we love talking about God."     
"Well, ah  .  . ah .  .  .",  they stammered, " We really have to leave!  GOOD-BYE!"  
They hurried off the porch and made a dash for their car.    
"Would you like to leave some literature with us?"  we called out to them.  
"Oh no, that's not necessary,"  they called back, then drove away.

We often wonder if a few JW's left the Kingdom Hall because of a seed that was planted
that summer, because obviously, other JW's have been warned about us, and it has
been two years since anyone has knocked on our door.

We hope this encourages other Catholics to share their faith."

The story above demonstrates just how powerful a good Catholic witness can be to
Jehovah 's Witnesses.  The fact that the two new JWs left their house so quickly
indicates that the JW elders had probably warned the local JWs not to visit their home.  
It is not uncommon for JW elders to discourage JWs from visiting the homes of people
who know their faith very well and can defend it.   Catholics who can present their faith
in such a way so as to show JWs that their doctrines are woefully deficient and that the
Lord wishes to give them so much more are a powerful Christian witness to them.  I am
convinced that the seeds planted by Gary and Marie will lead to a few more JWs making
the "Journey Home" to the fullness of the Christian faith-the Catholic Church.
Faithful Catholics Can Be a Powerful Witness to
Jehovah's Witnesses
By Jeff Schwehm